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How To Improve Your Christian Life

Larry Cooper/ March 21, 2018/ Books

We are living in the end times meaning that the son of man may come any time from now. It is unfortunate that even after all the signs of the end time revealed to man, may are still unwilling to change. While the journey to heaven seems to be difficult to many, the truth is that going to heaven is simple. All that you need to is to obey the ten commanded that were given to humanity by God himself through the Moses. One important thing that you need to always remember is that Satan tries to oppose God by using all means. This, therefore, means that he will always try to do the opposite of what God expects of you. Here are some of the tips that will help you improve your Christian life.

The Bible

glasses on top of a bibleIf you want to be ready for the second coming of the Son of man, then you need to be a prolific reader of the Bible. The bible is the word of God to humanity, and it will guide you to lead a life that praises your creator. If you are not used to reading the Bible, you might find this a bit challenging, but you should always remember that with God there is nothing impossible. You need to be keen with churches that not encourage the reading of the Bible quite often as they could be after deadly missions.

Christian books

There are several Christian books that are very important in helping you lead a life that pleases your creator, unfortunately, many people believe that it is only the Bible that they should read if they want to get close to God. That is a wrong perception since God uses his servants to communicate to humanity. He inspires them to write books that will inspire people and help save the lost souls. So if you have not been reading Christian books before, it is high time that you started. Just find a good Christian bookshop like Livingstone Bookshop and get yourself some books to get yourself started.

Participate in the ministry

a bibleWhere there are more than two people sites in the name of the Lord, God will be present. Stop locking yourself in your room and take a faithful step towards the church to meet your savior. When you interact with people, you get a chance to develop your faith. You also need to understand that praying should be part of your life if you want to get close to your creator.…