Methods Of Land Clearing That You Need Know

Larry Cooper/ September 1, 2017/ Services

Agriculture has become a backbone of many countries. Most people relies on agricultural productions for their livelihood. However, for the whole process of agriculture to be successful, proper land preparations need to be done. The land must be cleared at the right time to ensure effective production.

Land clearing involves the removal of trees and brush on a certain piece of lands. Sometimes, clearing the land on your own might prove to be a hard nut to track. This is so when you have large tracks of land. Under such circumstances, you will be required to get  land service professionals to help you in the whole process of preparing your land. Here are some of the land clearing methods that the land clearing professional is likely to use.


bulldozer This is a method that can only be done by professional land service providers. It involves making use of major construction equipment and facilities. If your land has trees and other obstacles, then this is the right method for such lands. Trees are pushed and hauled off the land with all its parts intact. After that++, they are then collected in a central place where you will choose on what to do with them. If they are of good quality, then you can resolve to sell them. Sometimes they might be processed for mulching purposes.

Cut and grinding

This method is also ideal for a land that is full of trees. What happens is that the trees are cut and then taken to a processing location where the will be processed from. The only difference between this method and pushover is that in cut and grinding, stumps are left in the ground where they are later on grind into mulching materials. Sometimes, those stamps are pulled by use of construction machines.


BackhoeIf you find that you cannot afford to hire an excavating firm, then you can consider renting a backhoe. You, however, need to ensure that it both a fork and a rake. The rake will be used for clearing small objects. The fork, on the other hand, will be used for transportation of those materials. You need to be careful so that you do not destroy the soil with the rake. If you do not know how to use it, then it is advisable that you hire someone who will help you to work.