Important Facts About ESTA Visa

Victoria Robinson/ April 29, 2017/ Travel

ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization) is an automated system used to determine whether visitors are eligible to visit the US through the Visa Waiver Program. This authorization does not determine whether an individual is admissible to the US or not. It only answers Visa Waiver Program questions and collects biographic information about victors. Although this application may be sent anytime, it is advisable that you apply as soon as you start preparing for your journey before purchasing the ticket.For you to apply for this, you must have an e-passport which is an enhanced passport with an electronic chip.


Some Information

As part of the Visa Waiver Program, United Kingdom enables their citizens to visit the US without having a visa. As from 12 January 2009, ESTA became an essential requirement of ESTA Visathe Visa program. This means it is an application for all travelers coming from Visa Waiver countries including the UK. This program has simplified travel to the US for many travelers by only requiring them to have an e-passport. However, due to heightened security measures, you must first apply for ESTA in advance before traveling. Also, an e-passport is still required to gain entry into the US. The whole application process is done online through the Department of Homeland Security.

Important facts about ESTA

• An approved ESTA application does not guarantee you entry into the US.
• ESTA is not a Visa. It is just an authorization given prior to board a US-bound ship or plane.
• If your ESTA application is not approved, you are required to apply for a B1 or B2 tourist Visa.
• The main objective of ESTA is to allow the government to screen all Visa travel travelers before they depart from their respective countries.
• It is advisable to apply for it 72 hours before departing from your country.
• The Visa Waiver countries including the UK may apply for ESTA.

Who should apply for ESTA

• Infants and children who are transiting or visiting under the visa program can apply
• Anybody who wishes to visit the US under the waiver program and is going by airline or a ship
• Any person passing through the US under the waiver program.

Applying for ESTA

passportFor you to apply for ESTA, you must fill in
• Your contact information.
• Have a valid passport from a country under the Visa Waiver Program.
• A PayPal account to pay $14 or a valid credit card that can be a Visa card, Master Card, Discover or American Express.
• The details of your most recent employment if there is any.